Best Independent Brands – RIYKA

We came across Riyka online and knew they pass the test for our directory, the labels we list have to be nominated by you the readers or agreed on by at least two people connected to FW and Riyka were a huge yes. Then we saw their lookbook and it became even more than a yes

We love the modern chic they bring as a part of the design process is something we love. We are huge fans of designers that have a clear sense of purpose and identity, we also love designers that use ethical sourcing, recycled materials and green processes, they do both.

We come for the ethics, we stay for the sharp silhouettes, the great lines, the use of bold and simple colours. As most of you know we love floral, but we really have fallen for the geometrical shapes and lines in the garments. There is a real mix of items whether its shorts, vests, dresses or leggings, it’s a range you can build a wardrobe around. But don’t believe us, take a look for yourself.

Riyka 1

riyka 2

riyka 3


riyka 5

riyka 6

Riyka 7

riyka 8


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  1. Sly on the Wall

    Nice spotting. Just checking out their site. Gorgeous, simple and so wearable!

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