Labels To Look Out For – Scarlett Fashion – Spring is all about bold prints

Scarlett Fashion was one of the people you nominated for our Non-High Street Directory, so we’ve invited them to talk about the latest trend for bold prints and show some of what they do.


Spring is all about bold prints. The sun is starting to shine, we no longer need our winter coats and we all feel that deep down excitement that maybe this summer will be a good one!

I adore spring; it has to be my favourite season. Not because the weather is all that great, or that there is anything that exciting going on, but there is the potential. The potential of having a hot summer. Counting the days until your summer holiday. The excitement of hot long weekends spent at BBQs and in beer gardens with your friends. It is also the season we put our dull, dark winter clothes into hibernation and bring out the colours! When the sun starts to show its weary head we become more confident. Colours and patters we wouldn’t dream of wearing in winter are suddenly acceptable. The brighter, the bolder, the better.
Here are a few of my top choices;
The Bike Dress
The Frida dress, bold rose print on a royal blue bodycon dress
The Daisy Print Dress
The Zig-Zag Dress



This season I love bold prints and I love the colours blue and yellow. These colours make us happy. Here are five reasons to brighten up your wardrobe and go bold:

• It gives you more confidence
• It lightens your mood
• You feel more optimistic
• Your happiness rubs off on others making you more approachable
• It makes everyone smile
So brighten up your wardrobe, find some fun quirky bold prints that will make you bounce into spring with confidence.





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  1. Love all these top picks! Especially the bike print dress 🙂 Gisforgingers xx

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