Best Independent Brands – Ghost Dye To Order

You may have seen me tweeting about Ghost lately, the london based label, well that’s because I have a lot of time for what they do but I’ve never featured them properly, that needs to change. Ever seen that perfect dress and thought “oh I wish they had that same dress in ….) well at Ghost they have solved that conundrum with their dyed to order section.

Focused on their high end products the dye to order service allows you to have the dress you want in any of up to 12 colours. It strikes us as a great idea. If you have an event to go to or need a chic dress then we suggest heading over to the site and having a look at the dresses.

They also have many other great things on the site from daily wear to handbags all the more reason to take a look around, we hope to have the inside track for you on up coming things from them so keep your eyes open


Ghost 1


Ghost 2


Ghost 3


Ghost 4


Ghost 5


Ghost 6


Ghost 7



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  1. love – certainly a big fan of the brand !

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