The Three Rules Of FashionWorked

Many of you often ask when I mention the FW rules what are they so today I thought I’d talk a little about them, there are lots of little ones, but three main ones.

Rule 1 – We never change guest posts, scribblings or anything you wrote

It’s very simple, we ask you to collaborate or guest because we like your voice, what you have to say or the way you write. Why would we change that, your voice is unique and that’s why it must be left as intact as possible. We also hate it when anyone changes things we write so it would be hypocritical to do the same to others.

Sometimes this means that opinions we don’t share will make it onto the blog, people who don’t mind fur, disagree with our boycott of brands or think one of the opinions professed are crap. FW is always open to putting both sides on fashion issues and having as many people in a discussion as possible. Just because anyone involved with FW thinks something doesn’t mean its right, and anyway ask us and you’ll get more than one opinion anyway.

That said we won’t print things that target individuals or groups of people in a negative way, in those cases the article will be simply refused.


Rule 2 – Remember people who stood by you

Its simple, many people have given us opportunities or helped us out, appeared on the blog when there was no gain for them, we promise never to forget the kindness many of you have shown and we hope that we pay it forward by creating opportunities and chances for others as well as supporting people we think are talented regardless of stats or follower count.

You should always know where your going, but never forget where you came from.


Rule 3 – Never and I mean NEVER bad mouth the icon that is Madonna

There is one woman that’s always been there, from small child to uber cool fashionista our editor has had a special woman in his life. Someone he always turns to support and guidance, or reasons not to marry Sean Penn. The simple question we must all ask at times of hardship or choice WWMD


From the self titled Madonna up to MDMA she has always been in his life, as the one woman that’s never left him and the one that will always be there he stops everyone from saying anything bad about “the Icon”.

The First Lady of Pop taught us how to keep re-inventing yourself to stay happy, how to overcome adversity and so much more, who could fail to be inspired by the story of lil Madonna Ciccone who packed her bags and left Michigan with a few dollars in her pocket and a suitcase full of dreams. Work hard and you can make anything happen.

“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”


About Ross Pollard

Since starting writing on my 31st birthday in 2011 I have held a number of positions at magazines and websites as well as regularly producing articles for numerous publications alongside contributing to TV & radio shows as a freelance fashion journalist including Hoxton Radio & Fashion One TV. Alongside writing, I have worked in other industries helping to design & grow digital platforms, develop businesses and support operations practices. This experience has proved invaluable in building an understanding of how businesses work, and the landscape in which retail, B2B commerce and other commercial operations develop. Knowledge of commercial interests has helped shape my fashion industry insights beyond critiquing of garments

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