L’Wren Scott 1964 – 2014

L'Wren Scott

It was with great sadness that we read about the death of L’Wren Scott an amazing designer who had worked her way up from the teenager that used to alter 2nd hand clothes in a small Utah town.

More famous for styling stars and movies to begin with L’Wren moved into having her own label and dressing some of the biggest names in Hollywood for the red carpet as well as creating beautiful lines each season.

While some may choose to remember her as “Mick Jaggers girlfriend” we here at FW Towers will remember her as an outstanding designer who had achieved so much, and will like all people involved with the fashion world mourn her tragic passing.

L’Wren, we thank you for all the beauty and grace you brought to this world.

l'wren 2

L'wren 3

l'wren 4

l'wren 5

l'wren 6

l'wren 7

L'Wren 1

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