Postcard Of A Painting – March Edition

it’s the time of the month when I give up writing about fashion and its issues and talk about my other passion art, so here we go…..

There seems to be a non-stop campaign to tell us what art is, how modern art isn’t art, that art can only be paintings of country landscapes and portraits of rich folk, well that is utter rubbish, art is whatever you want it to be as far as I’m concerned. Like what you like, and go with that.

There are so many styles, movements and groups in this thing called art for everyone to find something they love and ignites a passion. You have a choice, I think its fair to say, and as some of you will know I’d rather put deep heat in my pants and go for a run than see any Lowry, but that is the great thing, I don’t have to.

I’ll admit my taste is more modern, Pop Art, Bauhaus, Graffiti, Photography & Sculpture being amongst the things I love the most. There are enough pieces, exhibitions and galleries out there to keep everyone fulfilled and happy. I’m not saying that you should worship the Turner Prize, but I am saying be open to new things and ideas, discover what art means to you and explore as much as you can.

Oh by the way, next month I’ll stop exploring what is art, and why you should love it and be talking about Bauhaus so sharpen those pencils and get the notebooks opened, we’re off to Germany in the 1930’s.

Warhol AliAndy Warhol – Muhammad Ali


Bauhaus coverWassily Kandinsky – Bauhaus Magazine Cover

banksy wallBanksy – West Bank Wall

Loretta Lux Self PortraitLoretta Lux – Self Portrait Of The Photographer

Sculpture Traf SqMarc Quin – Alison Lapper Sculpture for the 4th Plinth Series



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