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Today I want to talk about a site I love as it mixes both my passions, cycling and style. I’ve been a bike obsessed man for a long time, starting in the 90’s watching Indurain win the tour, though I always preferred Pantani to the rest of that era, but enough of the trip down memory lane as I suspect there are not many of you interested in hearing my thoughts on Ventoux and Simpson, the Zoncalon, or sprinting into Toulouse, how Vos is redefining womens sport and why this is a golden era for British cycling.

I live in an area that has huge participation in cycling, the Olympic & Surrey Classic route goes right past where I live so every day you see lots of cyclists doing what we do best, pretending to be our heroes, and as well as watching people ride I’ve notice the golden rules of cycling style are still around.

However there is one rule thats been broken, usually we all wear older/retro jerseys, mine are from a Basque team, a smaller French Team and a replica of a team from the 90’s, now people have up to date team kit . . . whats that all about.

Anyway I’m not going to review those kits as most are boring, however I do get all my kits from one place, Prendas Ciclismo, a producer of kits from days gone by and some modern items, so this is a look at their best kits as its a label I use.

Z Retro Jersey – 1990,

Prendas Zap

Love how bright and bold it is, with its pop art style graphics, the richness of the blues make the Z bubble really pop.

Renault – Elf Jersey – 1978 – 1985,

Prendas Elf

Classic late 70’s design, its simple yet effective, the yellow & black are made to work by the contrast with the bright white.

San Pellegrino Jersey – 1950’s – 1960’s,

Prendas San Pell

love, love, LOVE the colour of this, its bold for sure but beautiful, and as well as being stylish it will help you stay seen and safe, who said safety has to be sartorially ugly

La Vie Clare, 1980s

Prendas La Vie

If you liked YSL doing their Mondrian dress then you will love this, the prints are the same pretty much, and with the addition of grey the colours are similar, sport borrwing from the high fashion world, yes it can work.

Team Peugeot, 1960’s – 1980’s

Prendas Peugot

I admit it might be the nostalgia, as this is a team that shows the very DNA of cycling, and of the legends I wish I’d seen, to many of them to list here, so I’ll stay on topic. What is there not to love about this jersey, simple, effective, perfect 1960’s style ethic in its design, its everything I love summed up in a shirt.

Bianchi Campagnolo,

Prendas BianchiI’ll sum this up in one word, beautiful.


All images from the Prendas site, go and visit them for all your cycling clothing needs as they do a lot more than shirts, and are perfect for your riding needs or gifts for people you know that love to cycle. I’ve ordered many times from them and the service is great and quality is of a great standard. I keep going back to buy.

About Ross Pollard

Since starting writing on my 31st birthday in 2011 I have held a number of positions at magazines and websites as well as regularly producing articles for numerous publications alongside contributing to TV & radio shows as a freelance fashion journalist including Hoxton Radio & Fashion One TV. Alongside writing, I have worked in other industries helping to design & grow digital platforms, develop businesses and support operations practices. This experience has proved invaluable in building an understanding of how businesses work, and the landscape in which retail, B2B commerce and other commercial operations develop. Knowledge of commercial interests has helped shape my fashion industry insights beyond critiquing of garments

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