London Fashion Week Round Up

Well it was fashion week, you all know that, but what did I get up to, well I ignored the main hub and went off in search of London Fashion Week as I want it, so I hopped ll around London meeting new designers, talented makers crfting amazing products, saw old friends of the FW site and took in a vintage fair having their LFW event.

Well that was the plan then on the Sunday an idiot with a suit case decided to ram it in to my knee and pretty much end my fashion week, then refused to apologise, so this is a somewhat curtailed but I still have some fab things to share.

First up is the amazing weaver Laura Adburgham, who makes all her own fabrics then turns them into products such as clutches, pillows and scarves, Laura represents exactly the kind of talent we here at FW are keen to promote, so head over to her site and have a look at her products and how there made.

Laura Adburgham 3Laura Adburgham

Also there was J C Middlebrook, a lady producing hand made lace pieces in Nottingham, for those of you that may not know, Nottingham was once the heart of the lace industry in this country if not the world, and its a credit that someone is keeping alive that tradition mixing the heritage of the industry with modern ideas. There are some great products on the site so again go and have a look.

J C Middlebrook 1J C Middlebrook 2

Oh by the way if your wanting a bit more detail I’m saving that for the follow up posts on each of these in the coming weeks as they deserve features of their own.

There was as ever the FW tradition of a Pritch London event, it wouldn’t be fashion week if I didn’t see something by Arina Pritch, she was our first ever Label To Look Out For, and continues to be one of the most interesting voices in the industry and mixing nods to the past with fresh ideas, one thing I loved this time was that the new range includes the ever present leather jackets with other materials, and even pieces that can be assembled in parts to make a series of looks from one piece, its both inventive and clever. Theres also a military theme to some of the collection, tapping into a trend thats a core staple of British fashion. It baffles us why Arina hasn’t been at Somerset House, but we’ll keep championing the brand as it goes from strength to strength.

pritch mix 2Pritch Military

Oh and finally we headed over to Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair,as vintage will always be a part of our fashion culture this is a perfect fit with fashion week, its a good reminder of the heritage of British fashion, and how that is still relevant.

You can read our review of their fashion week event here.

CVF Hall 400

So that was the first couple of days of LFW, hopefully next time we’ll be able to bring you more coverage of the events away from the centre as long as nobody leaves us with an ice pack for the rest of the week.

Those sites are . . .

Laura Adburgham

J C Middlebrook

Pritch London

Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair


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  1. The vintage fair looks like fun!

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