How To Do Valentines Day

You may have noticed that Valentines Day is creeping up, so who better to get to tell you all what you should be doing than Laura from Heroine In Heels, who quite frankly has an awesome blog mixing fashion, lifestyle and food. If its worth eating or drinking in London or Manchester its probably on her blog. So after reading her post below make sure you head over to her blog to read some of the posts.

Thanks Laura for doing another collaboration with us here at FW Towers.

Whether you like it or not, you can not escape that it is Valentines day this week. Everywhere is covered in a candy coloured, rose scented gleam for the next 7 days. 


But take it from me, most people don’t want a mushy, smushy heart shaped bear and a singing card. Instead I’ve picked out the best of what London has to offer for a truly romantic day- no bears necessary.

True to tradition, going out for dinner is still  the biggest Valentines day activity. A bit of candle light, some aphrodisiac oysters… Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?


If this is your game plan then one of the most romantic restaurants has to be Clos Maggiore. What’s so special? The blossom-filled conservatory has a fully retractable glass roof, that casts moonlight onto the twinkling dinning room lights. A little piece of heaven nestled in Covent Garden. Your believed will feel like they really have been swept of their feet.


However if you want something a little more… hands on, then Sip/Sniff in Hackney could be for you. A evening of wine tasting and perfume smelling. Be seduced by six wines and six perfumes together in themed pairings – “think about wine like a perfume and perfume like a wine”- very seductive.


If this is your first valentines with your lover, and all this talk of over powering love is making you a little queasy, then head down to Vauxhall Village for their Tunnel of Love. Vauxhall Village will be screening a range of flicks and old-school classics in a disused railway arch. 


Settle into comfy chairs, put on some wireless headphones and snuggle up in a  cosy blanket, while classics such Brief Encounter, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Casablanca are shown. Its the perfect opportunity to do something together without having to be all in your face about it.


Of course, not everyone is feeling so euphoric on this day. Some are sad, heartbroken, and others are just plain bitter. If this is you, then you may want to head down to The Last Tuesday Society in London as they are offering to make voodoo dolls of your exes. Simply email a selection of photos of your former boyfriend or girlfriend along with list of “five unpleasant fates that you would wish to befall them.” and then choose their fate.


Luckily its not quite so menacing, but highly geared towards the modern ex with hexes including “zero Twitter followers,” “football team relegated,” a “parking ticket,” and “flatulence”- hopefully on their date with the new lover. 


Even better it only cost £19.95-



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