Hitting The Sales?

Today we talk about sales, and some thoughts on them . . . .

Sales are good, well they can be but we have a few basic rules and thoughts that we like to stick to, remember buying fever leads to buyers remorse, and nobody likes that.

By the way, a thank you to @missnfranchised for the idea

Are the Jan Sales really that good?

Yes and No, so maybe, but with the changing nature of retail we have moved away from the model of a couple of big sales a year into shops and websites having sales all year round as they change their lines. Gone are the days of trying to get rid of all last years stock in the start of the year clearences. With this in mind we move on to  . . .

Did you like it when it was full price?

Its the most important question, never buy something because its cheap, if you didn’t like it at full price chances are that when you get it home it will be consigned to the never worn pile pretty quickly.

I haven’t seen it before, and its now really cheap.

As above, never buy anything because its cheap, if you don’t wear it its still money wasted.

They only have it in the next size up/down.

I’m so guilty of this, and thats why i end up eBaying so much. with the ongoing nature of sales you can always wait until you find something that will fit you.

Never start your sale shopping in the cheaper shops.

Sales are a great way of getting the items you couldn’t afford, don’t go and spend all your money in Primark then go to Riess. Which brings us on to . . .

Set a budget.

We are really concerned about sustainability and affordability, thats why when we go shopping we take our budget in cash, no cards, and PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON A STORE CARD. Store cards only work for the stores, that bargain could end up costing you many times more if you put it on credit.

Set a budget.

We can’t emphasis this enough

Check online prices.

Yep we often find that the store sale price can be more than the online price, companies can cash in on buying fever, don’t get played. you can do this in seconds with a smart phone.

Consider leaving it a few days.

Companies restock sales, so while you may miss a couple of items, waiting a few days can make it a much better experience as its no where near as busy. I still managed to find bags of stuff in late Jan with a saving of over 75% on standard price.

Wear comfortable shoes.

More than once I’ve seen a friend have to spend part of their days budget on comfy shoes as they were getting sore feet.

Don’t go shopping at all.

Chances are you already have a full wardrobe and all the items around that you like, make some tea, get a bowl full of tasty treats and settle down on the sofa with a good movie while feeling smug that your not out in the rain. Enhance this feeling by having a dog to snuggle up with.


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