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Last week during #fblchat it came up again about the time an over zealous PR threatened to sue me, so rather than keep telling the story over and over I thought I’d stick it in a blog for you all to read. Because I’m kind I won’t mention the name of the PR as they now work elsewhere and the company they were representing has been bought and merged into another.

I have a feature called Style Or Vile, and I pick an item and discuss why its possibly either, well one day I found an item by a company I liked that wasn’t very good in my opinion so I used that. I was possibly a tad harsh about the item, but it was not good and peer review agreed on that, but and its a big but I made it clear that the brand was very good, and they had many things I loved, and that if you had a local branch it was well worth a visit as their offering was generally excellent and had a fairly decent price point. So there was me thinking the lil bit of mean was balanced out by an overall glowing review.

I hit publish . . . .

That evening I got a DM asking me for an email address from them, and I obliged. Well that was a mistake as the next morning I got an email saying I should remove the blog as it was to critical or they would review their options.

Now not being one to be pushed around by people I rather thought, whoa there, I have freedom of speech and you can’t stop me from expressing an opinion, especially one that was generally positive, and despatched a short but polite email saying that I wouldn’t take it down.

The reply came back almost immediately, take it down or we’ll sue. Well thankfully my sort of girlfriend was a human rights barrister, and I mentioned it to her, there was a moment when she weighed it up and then said let me reply.

She mailed the PR on my behalf asking a series of questions on what the action would be based, and when the PR responded utterly demolished them citing previous cases and the actual law, and if they didn’t stop contacting her client she would pursue a case of harassment, strangely they didn’t respond.

Theres a lesson in this for you all, if your going to be vocal about things A) date a barrister or B) be so poor they have noting to sue you for anyway but never back down if you haven’t down anything wrong.


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  1. I want to date your girlfriend!!!

    Great post, thanks for sharing your experience so maybe it stops someone else from being bullied.

  2. That’s brilliant, well done for sticking up for yourself! Maybe it is a lesson after all… that nobody likes bad press, plus never pay for a dinner you know you won’t be repayed for ;).

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