Lets Call It What It Is

I have a bug bear, and its related to something I love, Punk, but especially Punk from the 70’s. I wasn’t alive for it but it has reflected on many of my ideas and thoughts. My bug bear is this….


I shall state here I have no issue with studs at all, in fact I like them, its the fact that people have to create an association with something constantly that irks, let things stand as themselves, don’t shoe horn them into something else. There is a much better thing the fashion industry could use punk for, and it comes back to a theme I touched on earlier in the week, the acceptance of individuality. Also surely studs are more of a rock thing, if your going to do it use safety pins, zips and tartan, all used by Seditionaires when Westwood started out.

One of the overwhelming things about punk was that it was about just that, individuality, and clothes were an expression of that, The Sex Pistols were the most famous punk band, but they looked nothing like The Clash (who were the best, but if i start on this theme you’ll all miss dinner) who looked nothing like the wildly commercially successful Jam, and none of those looked like fashions fave band t-shirt group The Ramones.

Punk is a state of mind, its about being who you want to be, its about challenging the limiting status quo, about saying you say I can’t do that and I will, we should apply this to how we dress and present ourselves, these are good ideals to apply to yourself and your wardrobe. Who knows you might even make a killing out of selling I can’t Believe Its Not Butter.

sex pistols                                                                                                          The Sex Pistols

theclash7                                                                                                                 The Clash

The+Jam                                                                                                                     The Jam

ramonesforever                                                                                                                 The Ramones

Seditionaries02                                                                                                             Seditionaires


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  1. Yes love this post you were right!! Aggggh it bugs me when everyone is like oh yeah punk thats all about the sex pistols right? I read an awesome book called ‘what is punk?’ which is all about how Americans and us argue over who started punk the Ramones or the sex pistols but it has to have started even before them x

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