Pritch London – Show

As regular readers and followers of our twitter account @fashionworked will know, we’re huge fans of Pritch London and the work of Arina Pritch. Its no surprise then to say that we went to the show this weekend to see the latest collection.

We weren’t disappointed.

One of the things we love are the great lines in the patterns creating outstanding silhouettes. Its a maxim round here that design is nothing if you have the lines and the cut wrong. Pritch are spot on. Using a classic style but adding in the labels sense of edginess and raw modernity, the pieces on display had the feel that made us love them when we first discovered them. There is something timeless about what their doing yet updated to be bang on what we want here in 2013.

We were also pleased to see the palette of colours on display, its far too easy with leather to just stay in the classic black, but this collection showcases that doesn’t have to be the case. The range of blues were a personal fave, but all the variations worked very well in adding to the looks.

We like that there is much more to the collection in scope now, showing a designer that is increasingly comfortable and bold with what she is doing. We fell in love with the biker style jackets reinterpreted for a modern audience back in the spring but we’re staying for the capes, skirts, and sleeveless items that were on show this weekend. We’re also pleased to see the very well placed use of studs has remained, its a trend loved here at FW, but so many designers didn’t and won’t get it right, Pritch do over and over.

One thing we’d like to have seen more of is the skirts, there back in style at the moment and as the ones in the show were great we’d like to see more in this area. We suspect that as time goes on we’ll get our wish to see Pritch London expand into the space they deserve to fill and that will mean an eagerly anticipated growth in the areas the collection covers but there is a lot here to love.

Our closing thought is that here is a designer that is going to be huge, and we’re glad we’re getting to see that journey. It surely can’t be long until Pritch London shows move a mile south from Bloomsbury into Somerset House.

Photos by Gabor Szantai, check out his website at

_DSC5350 _DSC5374 _DSC5379 _DSC5394 _DSC5398 _DSC5408 _DSC5472 _DSC5484


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  1. Great designs.
    Adela x

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