Labels To Look Out For – Artishoo

One of the great things about being a blogger is sometimes you get to discover real gems. Here at FashionWorked Towers we sat down and worked out what we wanted to do, and that was still bring you the best of the High Street but also and more important to us we wanted to find the best independent businesses out there. Well thanks to twitter we have one for you today. Artishoo are amazing and we love the products wholeheartedly.

Whether its the shoes, the jewellery, the totes or the other items Artishoo produces we are in love with the beauty of the design, the pattern, the illustration, and the craft. Theres a great array at a fantastic price point and we suggest you check it out with a visit to the Artishoo etsy shop , or follow on twitter.


We’ll let the work speak for its self . . .

artishoo shoeartishoo shoe 2artishoo bagartishoo earringartishoo earring 2artishoo print

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One comment

  1. Especially love the ballerinas – so pretty

    Christina xx

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