Labels To Look Out For – Mod Dolly

Mod Dolly 2 Mod Dolly 3 Mod Dolly 4 Mod Dolly Outfit

Labels To Look Out For prides itself on finding hot new places for you to shop that meet the criteria of unique & brilliant, well Mod Dolly put huge ticks in both boxes. We love the vintage look thats been tweaked to keep it very now, and they have a great price point.

This is just the type of label we love, started back in 2010 we really think its hit its stride, and the collection is available here on the Mod Dolly Website. There are also some fab accessories & jewellery to complete the look your going for as well as some vintage & reworked items. (You all know how much I love vintage)

We say get there now so you can tell all your friends about the hot brand that you have found.

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