Fashion Worked Awards Nominations 2013

So after much deliberation, heart wrenching thought, and of course bribes (we didn’t actually get bribed, can you all sort out your PR teams to rectify this next year please) the nominations are in.

The Panel

The Editor – well I run this blog so I get to vote, about me, must confess I love dresses, and I harbour a desire to work with Victoria Beckham, if only to discourage those over-sized zips on clothes I adore


Penners – Woman about town. Works in Hipsterville but tries not to dress like it. Loves football, fashion, sci-fi and is inspired by them all.


Lorna – Our industry voice, a career that has taken in styling, TV, magazines and now a new role as PR at Ghost, Allegra by Allegra Hicks & Hawes & Curtis


@TheSaharaDesert – Well apart from being the most secret writer since time began, The Sahara Desert is our main truth teller to badly dressed celebrities via the fabulous Sack The Stylist.


Sarah S – An occasional contributor to the blog with her takes on issues of the day, events, or anything that comes to mind, its the lighter side of life


Louise – Our voice from the street,



So on with the awards,

Best independent/ small group store – New Award
The Editor – Pritch London, their biker jacket is one of my fave pieces I’ve seen in a long time
Penners – Any charity shop
Lorna – Ghost
Sarah S – Joy or Oliver Bonas, I’m torn
Louise – Fenton Walsh! (@fentonwalsh). They are on bellenden road, not far from Peckham rye station, and have heaps of really unique clothes, shoes and jewellery pieces too; some are by local designers, some by other independent designers. You can also nab some great bargains. A month or two ago they had a gorgeous Stella McCartney dress for about £100.
Best high street store – Last Winner Zara
The Editor – Zara, they are just amazing, such great looks at a great High Street price point, for me they are the best at classic and elegant
Penners – Zara
Lorna – Zara
The Sahara Desert – Arcadia group in its consistency to cater for larger sizes under the Evans banner
Sarah S – Torn again, Zara or Whistles
Louise – I think my favourite is probably Mango. They have a mix of different styles, great for finding decent suitable for work bits and bobs, and they suit different body shapes too. I like how they have skirts and dresses that flatter my big bum instead of hiding it 🙂 I also love Joy, I don’t know if that’s a “high street store” but they have an amazing selection of really good quality stuff that lasts a long time and is a little bit different – a sort of 1950s, MadMen style.
Worst high street store – Last Winner Topshop
The Editor – For so many reasons Top Shop, the once mighty trend setter has sooooooooooo many issues. I would expand but thats a blog in its self. One that may appear at another date
Penners – Top Shop
Lorna – M & Co
The Sahara Desert – Ones which sell clothes which don’t fit me.
Sarah S – oh god Topshop.
Louise – River Island because the material is often uncomfortable and not real quality, and the colours sometimes look a bit tacky.
Best designer – Last Winner Sarah Burton For Alexander McQueen
The Editor – Sarah Burton For Alexander McQueen (VB I’m really sorry to not vote for you but I’m sure you’ll read this apology & forgive me)

Penners – Chanel
Lorna – Stella McCartney
Sarah S – Christopher Kane had a good year (he’ll be thrilled I think so, I’m sure)
Louise – well, there’s two of them so I don’t if this counts, but Allium B – two sisters, Clare and Mary Burgess – design such beautiful dresses. They are always quite practical and can be worn in the day, or to work, then livened up with hot shoes or whatever in the evening, and they always have some little detail that makes them special, like a statement collar or a pattern around the knee or something. You can go to their website but there are a few stores that have them in stock, including Bias in peckham… Which is conveniently just a few doors down from Fenton Walsh on Bellenden Road.
Best trend – New Award
 The Editor – Yellow, it was everywhere, and its one of my fave colours

Penners – 1920s Great Gatsby, its coming round again
Lorna – Neon
The Sahara Desert – Balls to trends. Find your own style and go with it. Learn it and tailor it to fit what makes you happy.
Sarah S – I kinda hated trends last year I think. Can I have leather. I liked leather pencil skirts. And I have an awesome jacket with leather arms.
Louise – I don’t really know if this is a trend or what the word is for them but I absolutely adore those tops with shoulders and then a sort of flick out bit around the waist that gives you a silhouette thing? You can get whole dresses in that shape or you can wear them with a fitted skirt. I see a lot of them around lately. I am sure there’s a proper name for them.
Worst trend – New Award
 The Editor – Neon (Sorry Lorna) its just too garish for me.
Penners – Perspex Shoes, especially in heels
Lorna – Graphic prints – bored!
The Sahara Desert – Onesies. Seriously, they’re only cute on babies and toddlers, and only funny in the Family Guy episode where Peter gets a pair of feety pyjamas. Static electricity FTW.
Sarah S – Bloody peplums, peplums everywhere. Can be ripped off poorly & cheaply & way too TOWIE.

Louise – I can’t think of anything terrible. Too much floral makes my head hurt a bit, does that count? Around this time of year some of the obsessively floral patterns start looking like my nana’s curtains.
Style Icon of the year – New Award
 The Editor – Victoria Beckham

Penners – Michelle Obama
Lorna – Kristen Stewart
The Sahara Desert – Dawn French
Sarah S – Too hard! I always want to dress like Alexa Chung but I look too grown up. I also love how Christina Hendricks dresses but I don’t have the rack. I thought Nicole Schertzigher (sp) always looked fab throughout the x-factor. And Mary berry looks amazing too. So I will allow myself to be swayed by other people’s suggestions!
Louise – I don’t really know, I always think Emma Watson looks great whenever I see a picture of her. I will say Emma Watson!
Best awards season dress – New Award
 The Editor – Lucy Liu, Golden Globes, Carolina Herrera (I Might be controversial on this)
 Lucy Lui GG 2013
Penners – Jane Fonda’s yellow Versace gown at the Oscars  (honourable mention to Sally Field for her red Valentino number)
Jane Fonda oscars 2013
Lorna – Amy Adams, Oscars, Oscar de la Renta
Amya Adams Oscars 2013
The Sahara Desert – Not dress, but hair: Helen Mirren’s pink crop at the BAFTAs. I hope when I reach my advanced years, I have as much grace and flair to pull that kind of look off.
helen mirren pink hair
Sarah S – Jessica Chastain in Armani at the Oscars
Jessica Chastain Oscars 2013
Louise – Beyonce at Grammys the black and white dress with the thing on her shoulder
beyonce grammys 2013
Worst awards season dress – New Award
The Editor – Gemma Arterton, Brits, Jonathan Saunders
Gemma Arterton Brits 13
Penners – Helena Bonham Carter at the Oscars. (Vivienne Westwood)
helena bonham carter oscars 2013
Lorna – Heidi Klum, Oscars, Julien Macdonald
Heidi Klum oscars 2013
The Sahara Desert – Um… let’s pick a likely target: Lady Gaga? Frankly, she’s not quirky. She’s churning out a formulaic kind of ‘mad’ that is fooling millions because OMG she’s so out there and bonkers, yeah? No. Not bonkers. She knows exactly what kind of a farce she’s pulling and it’s getting tired. Change the record, love.
lady gaga grammys 2013
Sarah S – Anne Hathaway’s pink nipple dress at the Oscars (I know it was just the darts in the dress but still, no)
Anne Hathaway oscars 2013
Louise – chris brown sorry no amount of white suits makes that woman beating snarly face look innocent to me I’m afraid
Chris Brown Grammys 2013

About Ross Pollard

Since starting writing on my 31st birthday in 2011 I have held a number of positions at magazines and websites as well as regularly producing articles for numerous publications alongside contributing to TV & radio shows as a freelance fashion journalist including Hoxton Radio & Fashion One TV. Alongside writing, I have worked in other industries helping to design & grow digital platforms, develop businesses and support operations practices. This experience has proved invaluable in building an understanding of how businesses work, and the landscape in which retail, B2B commerce and other commercial operations develop. Knowledge of commercial interests has helped shape my fashion industry insights beyond critiquing of garments

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