5 Questions With Jelena Fehmi

Jelena Fehmi is the fashion designer behind Dea London – the clothing label for the professional woman designed to celebrate the curvaceous female figure. @dealondon

1. Vintage or New?
Definitely new, but it has to have class.

2. Best place to shop?

The City – more personalised and less distracting.

3. Is fashion a part of our cultural heritage?

Yes. If we take for example tweed, it is a timeless material that can be worn by great grandmothers, mothers and daughters, no matter what the season.

4. Fave piece of clothing/footwear you own?

Cotton shirts.

5. Fave fashion quote?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

—Leonardo da Vinci

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I write about fashion It's my passion hope it'll be smashion This is why I don't write poetry

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