Five Questions With @FestinaGirl

Who is @FestinaGirl

Ex-telephone sex worker, bookies cashier and failed actress who has seen Biggins in his underpants and been Wincey Willis’s stunt double, Festinagirl currently devotes her time to ranting about politics and cycling in the wonderful world of twitter (she has a proper job too but she’s not telling)

Vintage or new?
Vintage stilettos and new paperbacks

Best place to shop?
Depends on what I’m shopping for but favourite place to shop for everything and anything would probably be Paris – and Troyes for the magasins d’usine

Is fashion a part of our cultural heritage?
Every bit as much as our culture is part of our fashion heritage – but I also like Barthes idea that fashion stands outside everything, that something is fashionable just because fashion says it is.

Fave piece of clothing/footwear you own?
A black sequinned cardigan that was 50 cents in a Florida thrift shop – always on the margins of fashion and very occasionally right at the centre – the craftsmanship is superb/the silver satin vintage stilettos I wore at my wedding/a System U cycling jersey autographed by Laurent Fignon/a tiny little black crewneck sweater I knitted for my son when he was a baby

Fave fashion quote?
“Never be daunted in public” (Ernest Hemingway)


About FashionWorked

Fashion & Life Online Magazine, Lover of Indy Labels & Retailers, You Spend A lot Of Time In Clothes, Love Them, . . . . Also I'm A Boy


  1. Kimbra

    “Embellished” nonsense from an anonymous twit makes me laugh. Indeed, you’ve been taken in by the faux avant-garde under it’s current net guise.

  2. Kimbra, you may want to check out the list of key attendees for this weekend’s Credible Cycling conference in London. Yes, FestinaGirl is one of the key players.

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