Places Not To Shop – Oxford Street

Today we start a new occasional feature, based on the worst stores or locations you can visit. It seems to be a balance with the where to shop guides that will be coming along soon enough. Of course being Fashion Worked we like to tell it as it is and today we start with the most famous shopping location in the country.

Oxford Street

Well why do we hate it, its to busy, people can’t walk along it without stopping dead, spilling drinks on you, always having to avoid a cigarette in a careless hand. Thats without the constant roadworks, noise and the smell. We haven’t even got to the shopping yet.

Lets see, does it match the shopping check list…..

Major brands – check, wide selection – check, good transport access – check, good value – check.

So why do we dislike it so much………

Its basically a shopping centre thats open air, all the shops there are found in every decent shopping centre in the country, the discounts are no different to those you’d find locally, and there are very few flagship store only items anymore thanks to the web. Shopping centres have moved on rapidly in the last 20 years, now there are all the stores you could want, with other facilities like decent food courts & most of all toilets. for all Oxford Street smells like a mens toilet there are actually very few there.

If you want a better experience we recommend either shopping locally to support businesses in your community, or if you want the big set of shops with all the facilities head to a Westfield etc, or try a market like Brick Lane for something individual & unique


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